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Parents and Swim Schools to benefit from ongoing partnership

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Parents will continue to be able to easily follow their child’s swimming progress thanks to the ongoing partnership between Swim England and CAP2.

Swim School members new to CoursePro will also benefit from a 10 per cent discount on their license fee. This will apply throughout the duration of the partnership.

Over 1,400 facilities across the country use the CoursePro system, which provides parents with digital access to their child’s progress. This helps parents to better understand and celebrate their child’s swimming achievements, and enjoy the water together.

The system also gives swimming teachers easy access to the latest Swim England Learn to Swim Awards requirements. This ensures that every swimmer is working to the right outcomes. Once they complete that Award, they are able to move on to the next Stage Award.

The partnership deal follows the launch of the updated outcomes for the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme. The updates make it easier for swimmers to learn their basic water skills and then develop new aquatic skills. It also coincides with the launch of the new CAP2 brand.

Swim England pleased to extend partnership

Katie Towner, Swim England Head of Learn to Swim, said: “We are really pleased to extend our partnership with CAP2. It will enable us to continue our work together to improve the delivery of swimming lessons across the country.

“Reward and recognition is a huge part of learning to swim. CoursePro makes it easier for swimming teachers and parents to celebrate a child’s achievement.”

Daniel Haywood, CAP2 General Manager, said: “’Here at CAP2, we’re delighted to be renewing our long term partnership with Swim England. We want to help more swim schools benefit from our software. This helps to reduce their admin worries whilst improving the interaction, engagement and overall retention.

“This partnership not only means that we’ll be working together to help drive participation, but it also means that we’ll continue to automatically upload Swim England Awards into CoursePro.

“We are also delighted to be able to offer a new, exclusive discount for Swim England Swim School members.”

The partnership between Swim England and CAP2 began in 2014. The current deal will see this continue until 2019.

For more information about the discount, Swim England Swim School Members should contact [email protected].