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Plymouth club network boost volunteer numbers at annual gala

The Plymouth club network held a recruitment drive at their annual network gala to help increase the number of volunteers and officials for their events.

The network contains eight clubs and had been struggling with numbers of volunteers and officials over the last 12 months. They use their annual gala as a way of finding new volunteers.

Each club in the network recruited a few new volunteers to attend the gala, asking parents and families of swimmers. The volunteers chose from a selection of roles including marshals, timekeepers, runners and results officials.

In total, 17 new volunteers came forward. They attended a welcome meeting with refreshments before starting in their chosen roles.

Following this, the new recruits paired up with more experienced volunteers from each of the clubs to guide them through their roles. The event was well staffed and everyone seemed to enjoy the experience.

The gala is a relaxed and fun filled event giving 9-12 year-old swimmers a taste of competing at a swimming event. This meant it was the perfect setting to introduce these new volunteers to the sport.

Great feedback from new recruits

The new volunteers gave very positive feedback and the clubs will run the same recruitment drive next year. The network is also looking to organise a Judge 1 course in the new year.

This should capture the motivation and enthusiasm of the new volunteers. This could mean there will be more qualified judges to help at licensed meets run by the clubs in the future.

Emily Taylor, ASA Club Development Officer said: “There are many clubs across the country that are struggling to recruit volunteers.

“The Plymouth network clubs gave a lot of consideration to how to ensure that the first volunteering experience is a positive one and it has been a success.”

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