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Prepare, prevent and protect against swimmers' ear

Did you know, swimmers’ ear affects about 10 per cent of people in their lifetime? Anyone can be exposed to this condition, but as a swimmer you’re five times more likely to suffer from this complaint when compared to non-swimmers. And for those who swim in open water, it’s even more prevalent.

Swimmer’s ear (medically known as otitis externa) commonly occurs when exposure to water breaks down the ear’s protective natural waxy lining. Even just the smallest amount of water in the ear can create a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus to form, causing infection, inflammation, itching and irritation.

How can Otinova® Ear Spray help?

For the recreational swimmer, as well as the competitive swimmer, training and preparation are key to achieving the best performance. Using Otinova® Ear Spray routinely as part of your training regime can help to protect against occurrences of swimmer’s ear.

Otinova’s astringent mixture of aluminium acetate will have a drying effect in the ear canal, helping to relieve itching and making it a less friendly environment for bacteria and fungus to thrive. Simple-to-use and easy to carry around, just one spray in each ear after swimming (or up to two sprays per day), will help keep the ear canal dry and maintain the ear’s natural ecosystem.

Otinova® Ear Spray provides an antibacterial and antifungal solution to swimmer’s ear, without the use of antibiotics or steroids, meaning it’s available to buy without a prescription. Plus, with each bottle containing 150 spray doses, it can last up to six months – so your training regime needn’t suffer.

Make Otinova® Ear Spray part of your training regime – buy now at www.otinova.co.uk

NB. Otinova cannot be used with a perforated eardrum. Do not use if you have a sensitivity to any of the ingredients, we recommend a patch test on the skin prior to administering the spray.

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