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Remembering past President Roy George

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Swim England would like to offer a few words following the news of past President Roy George’s passing on 15 January.

Roy began his journey in swimming as a member of Team Luton swimming club and over the years, held many different roles within the sport. As well as being a swimming referee, a judging examiner and the Midland District Swimming Official’s secretary, he held positions as President of Bedfordshire ASA and was ASA President for 1994/95.

With his wealth of experience in the sport, Roy was considered by many to be the ‘father’ of swimming in Bedfordshire. When people needed advice, or there was a problem, the solution was often to ‘ask Roy’.

Chairman of the Swim England Group Board Chris Bostock said: “Roy George was one of the kindest, most gentle and convivial gentleman you could wish to meet at a swimming pool. That is unless he was marking your judge’s practical examination, when he would stand behind you whilst you quaked and doubted every decision you were recording.

“In a meeting he was always the last person to speak, and therefore usually gave the answer that was accepted. He listened then he spoke. Having the final view did not always make him friends but it gained him the respect of those who worked with him.”

Swim England offers best wishes to his family and friends, and everyone who worked with him within our sport.