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Sport England launches Active Lives Survey

Sport England has today published the first Active Lives Survey report, the new measure to understand how people take part in sport and physical activity in England.

The new survey is a move away from the previous Active People Survey. That focused on how many people took part in sport once a week. Active Lives takes a broader view. In line with the Government’s Sporting Future strategy, it includes a greater range of activities such as walking for travel.

Active Lives shows that many people do a range of activities, with a large proportion doing at least two different activities each month.

The data also reveals that 26 per cent of the population does less than 30 minutes of activity a week, and a further 14 per cent do not reach the recommended amount of exercise as defined by the Chief Medical Officer.

ASA interim CEO, Jane Nickerson, said:

The way people choose to be active has changed and Active Lives will help to provide an overall picture of the physical activity sector.

Swimming has always been able to offer something for everyone. With more people taking part in multiple activities it is important that we continue to show how swimming can fit in with all aspects of people’s lives. This is particularly important for those who may not currently be as active as they would like.

Active Lives asks people aged 16-years-old and over about their sport and physical activities. Results published bi-annually.