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Sport England launches new film to inspire women

Sport England has launched a new film as part of their This Girl Can Campaign which re-launched last month.

The film is all about celebrating being an active woman, and enjoying taking part in all kinds of physical activity regardless of shape, size or ability. It features the voice of the late Maya Angelou reciting her poem from 1978, Phenomenal Women.

This Girl Can is designed to encourage even more women to take part in sport and physical activity. It seeks to bridge the gender gap between male and female participation in sport.

Since the original campaign in 2015, millions of women have become more active. This has helped reduce the gap between the two genders from 1.75 million to 1.3 million.

Swimming is one of the most popular activities for women. Over seven million women go swimming at least once a month, taking part in a huge range of different activities, classes and challenges.

Sport England is encouraging people to get invovled in the campaign by sharing stories on social media using #thisgirlcan. The website is filled with lots of inspirational stories and ways to get active and ways to support the campaign. Head over to thisgirlcan.co.uk to find out more.