Swim England

A nation swimming

We’re continuing to fight for pools across the country but we need your help

At Swim England we’re committed to getting the nation swimming and we know how much it means to swimmers to be in the water doing what they love.

But, sadly, up and down the country our pools are in grave danger as a result of Covid-19. We believe that one in three pools won’t open this year and many hundreds face an uncertain future.

That’s why we’re busy fighting so hard for the much needed government funding to get pools reopened so that we can get swimmers like you back in the pool as soon as possible.

But we need your help. Swim England is a charity that reinvests every penny of our income back into the sport, and we want to continue our lobbying work to ensure everyone can get into the water, our affiliated clubs and help children learn to swim.

We will be launching a really important offer to allow you to show your support. Be the first to hear about it by signing up: