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Swim England launches new membership

Swim England has today launched a new membership which aims to help the nation become better swimmers.

The Just Swim membership is completely free. It provides hints, tips and advice from the experts about how to get more from swimming. It is aimed at the 11 million adults in England who swim regularly to help them develop and discover new ways to enjoy the water.

There are lots of other great membership benefits too. The Just Swim membership also provides discounts on entries for challenge and outdoor swimming events, as well as other valuable discounts from our partners.

If you are interested in the elite side of our sports, then you might find this membership even more attractive. Just Swim members also receive discounts on spectator entry to Swim England and British Swimming national events.

Jane Nickerson, CEO of Swim England, said: “Just Swim is a great new membership offer for anyone who enjoys swimming.

“By joining the Just Swim community, members will be able to access a whole range of exclusive information and offers.

“From tips about improving technique to discounted offers on swimwear and events, there’s something for the seasoned swimmer as well as those who new to swimming. Best of all, it is absolutely free.”

Just Swim is the first Swim England membership that is aimed at non-club swimmers. It is free to join and is available to all adults.

Additional benefits for current club members

If you are a member of a Swim England club, you are also able to get all of the fantastic benefits of the Just Swim membership.

These are additional to anything you receive as a club member. All you have to do is activate your Just Swim account and you can start enjoying the benefits straight away.