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Swim England National Awards 2021

The Swim England National Awards return in 2021 with the winners to be announced in a virtual live ceremony on Saturday 9 October.

The Awards will recognise and celebrate the incredible spirit of our aquatic community especially evident during these challenging times. The Awards will showcase individuals and groups across a number of categories based around two streams: Inspirational Awards and Innovation Awards reflecting our ability to adapt and meet the challenges our community has faced.

Nominations are now closed.

2021 National Awards categories

Swim England Innovation Awards

Innovation Awards recognise creativity and innovation by individuals or groups, where complex, innovative or engaging activity ensured aquatic community was motivated and engaged during the challenging times. This could be activity in the water or on dryland during the lockdown periods.

The Sport Innovation Award focuses on recognising the innovative approach taken to continue delivering technical and practical aspects of our sports within the restrictions imposed as a results of COVID-19.

The Engagement Innovation Award recognises the creative non-sporting activities which were developed to ensure the continued wide member engagement despite the challenges of limited access to the water and face-to-face time.

  1.  Swim England Sport Innovation Award
    This Award recognises the innovative approach taken to ensure the technical aspect of the sport is delivered. This could be a new virtual event, in water training or other sport activity.
  2. Swim England Engagement Innovation Award
    This Award recognises the creative approach taken to engage our members across the aquatic community. This could range from virtual quizzes, parties, campaigns, fundraising activity and more, which ensures continued member support.

Swim England Inspirational Awards

  1. Swim England Inspirational Volunteer Award
    This Award recognises volunteers from the age of 18 and upwards. This could be anyone from within clubs.
  2. Swim England Inspirational Young Volunteer Award (14 – 17 years of age)
    This Award recognises volunteers from the age of 14 to 17. This could be anyone from within clubs.
  3. Swim England Inspirational Club Coach/Teacher Award
    This Award recognises a Coach or Teacher, who can be paid or unpaid.
  4. Swim England Inspirational Athlete Award
    This Award recognises participants across all disciplines from the age of 12 and upwards. This could be anyone taking part in our sports within clubs.
  5. Swim England Inspirational Youth Champion Award
    This Award recognises individuals who continue to champion the voice of the young people (under 25 years of age) within aquatics, have a clear passion for the sport and made a volunteering commitment or advocacy through campaigning, fundraising or committee work).