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Swim England and CAP2 renew long-term partnership

Swim England and CAP2 have extended their long-term partnership for another 12 months in a bid to continue improving the experience for children and parents learning to swim.

More than 1,400 facilities across the country use CAP2’s CoursePro system, which allows swimming schools to more efficiently and effectively manage their lessons and gives parents access to their child’s Learn to Swim experience, allowing them to celebrate their achievements.

As the national governing body for swimming in England, Swim England’s Learn to Swim Programme is the most successful swimming lesson programme in the country, used by over 80 per cent of swimming lesson providers.

Swim England and CAP2 have worked in partnership since 2014.

It will continue to give swimming teachers, Learn to Swim providers and parents following the Swim England Learn to Swim programme easy access to the latest requirements of the Learn to Swim Awards.

As part of the agreement, Swim England will also continue to provide expert support towards the development of the CoursePro system.

Katie Towner, Swim England Head of Learn to Swim, said: “We’re delighted to continue our partnership with CAP2.

“This partnership will enable us to continue improving the delivery of swimming lessons across the country.”

Daniel Haywood, Managing Director of CAP2, said: “We are equally pleased to be renewing our partnership with Swim England.

“The two organisations have a great working relationship, developed over more than five years in partnership, and we are excited to see what we can do for the industry together in the next 12 months.

“Through our unique award fulfilment functionality, we are able to support Swim England in our shared mission to get more young people into swimming.”