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Swim School Network

The Swim England Learn to Swim Team hosts a monthly network, alternating between a Tuesday and a Thursday, exclusively for individuals who own, run, or work at private swim schools or manage the Learn to Swim section of a club. This network provides a dedicated space tailored to their specific needs and interests, focusing on themes related to the Learn to Swim Programme rather than the broader aquatic agenda.

Key Features of the Monthly Network:

Exclusive Audience:

  • Designed specifically for owners, operators, and staff of private swim schools and learn-to-swim sections within clubs.

Theme-Based Sessions:

  • Each network session revolves around a unique theme relevant to learn to swim providers.
  • The agenda for each session is shared in advance, ensuring participants know the topics of discussion.

Interactive Engagement:

  • Attendees are encouraged to actively participate by asking questions to Swim England and fellow participants.
  • The chat box serves as a platform for sharing insights and experiences, fostering a collaborative environment.

Supportive Environment:

  • The network serves as a resource for attendees to seek guidance, share best practices, and gain insights from peers and experts in the field.
  • This network aims to support the professional development of those involved in teaching swimming, providing valuable opportunities for knowledge exchange and community building within the learn-to-swim sector.

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