Swimming Times magazine

The January-February 2019 edition of Swimming Times will be the last issue.

The final edition of the magazine will be available to purchase online from 1 February 2019 via the Swim England online shop.

To purchase individual copies of the magazine from 2018, please email swimmingtimes@swimming.org.

Current subscribers

You should have been contacted regarding your subscription but if you have any questions, please email swimmingtimes@swimming.org

From 2019, you will be able to find all the same content included in Swimming Times, and much more, on the Swim England website.

If you have any questions in addition to those below, please email us at swimmingtimes@swimming.org or call 01509 640 230.

Key questions

Q I have just taken out a subscription to Swimming Times. Will I be refunded? 

A Yes. All subscriptions will be fully refunded.

Q What happens if my subscription is about to come to an end? Will the difference be refunded?

A Yes. We will be working out how many magazines you have received through your subscription and will reimburse any outstanding amount.

Q How long will it take for my payment to be refunded?

A Refunds will be made as soon as possible either by BACs transfer or cheques posted to customers. If you have any queries about refunds, please email swimmingtimes@swimming.org or call 01509 640 230.

Q Do I need to cancel my direct debit? 

A We will cancel your direct debt but we always advise that you contact your bank yourself to ensure it has been cancelled and no further payments will be taken.

Q My subscription ended at the end of 2018. How do I get a copy of the final issue? 

A Single copies will be available to purchase through our online shop. Alternatively, call 01509 640 230.

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