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The Just Swim App

With a focus on improving lifestyle, the Just Swim app combines healthy eating advice with water-based exercise. The overall end goal being greater wellbeing.

The app offers simple goal setting and swim logging to help burn off calories. The message is simple. No complicated training plans, just improved health and wellbeing.

With this focus on improving wellbeing, the app promotes the use of pools by people not normally engaged in water-based exercise.

Just Swim app features

  • Access a running tally of the distance you cover or calories you burn over a week, a month, and year.
  • Set calorie burn goals, distance goals, or simply Just Swim and log swims as you go.
  • Keep a personal diary as you swim to remind you of your progress over time, or how you feel.
  • A Pool Finder to help you locate your nearest pool, where ever you are in the UK
  • Access to Calorie Cruncher to compare swimming’s calorie burn with running, cycling, and walking.
  • In-app access to all the great content on the Just Swim website.

Download the app

The app is available on Google Play and in the Apple store.

Contact Details

For more information on promoting the app in your pool email webadmin@swimming.org