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Swim England advice for clubs and members travelling abroad

Swim England is advising its affiliated clubs and members to carry out a full risk assessment before applying for an international permit and booking any training trips abroad.

The warning comes following the Government imposing quarantines on travellers returning from certain countries due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While Swim England has not banned international travel, the recognised national governing body is encouraging clubs and individuals to take into account all factors before considering travelling.

Rachel Bayley, Swim England Head of Operations, said: “The public health crisis associated with the coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented challenges, including clubs and individuals travelling abroad to take advantage of training opportunities.

“With the frequently changing international travel rules and regulations emerging, we ask that clubs thoroughly risk assess any trip using Swim England guidance, along with the guidance of the visiting nation, and ensure that its members are fully aware of the risks involved, including quarantine restrictions.

Consider mandatory conditions

“All clubs and individuals travelling will need to ensure that they have the appropriate travel insurance in place and should take into account the current pandemic situation when reaching any decisions.

“Any club or individual seeking an international permit from Swim England must consider the mandatory conditions that will be required.

“These are that the permit is awarded on condition that all home and destination country law, guidance and regulations in relation to Covid-19 are complied with.

“Individuals and teams seeking these permits are responsible for their own insurance arrangements for the trip and Swim England bears no liability for the trip or activities outlined in the permit.

“The club Covid-19 lead should oversee the arrangements for the trip to ensure they are safe and appropriate and all persons travelling – or their parents for those aged under 18 – should be aware that they do so at their own risk.”