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Trust ‘couldn't be more pleased’ over vision to get iconic Ponds Forge reopened

The trust which manages Ponds Forge says it is working closely with Sheffield City Council to get the iconic venue reopened as soon as possible.

The venue has remained shut since pools were closed as part of the coronavirus lockdown – and last month it was announced it would remain closed for the foreseeable future.

However, Sheffield City Council will discuss the potential reopening of Ponds Forge at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday 23 September – a decision which has been welcomed by Sheffield City Trust.

A spokesperson from Sheffield City Trust said: “The decision by Sheffield City Council to instruct officers to bring a report to September’s cabinet meeting with a view to reopen Ponds Forge to the public and elite sport is great news for everyone.

“From day one of the coronavirus pandemic we have been steadfast in our determination to open all our venues as soon as was feasible, both from a safety and a financial perspective.

“Ponds Forge is an iconic venue for Sheffield, so it was devastating that we couldn’t open it straight away because of financial restrictions caused by major events such as conferences, exhibitions, banquets and major sports events not being allowed to take place.

“However, with the council instructing for a report to be written, which could provide us with the ability to open for the general public and for sports teams based at the venue we couldn’t be more pleased.

“It was a very difficult financial decision to keep Ponds Forge closed when other venues were reopening so we believe it shows great courage from the council to listen to proposals we have been working on – alongside other partners – and look at a way to provide us with the ability to open it.

“Having Ponds Forge reopen will send a message that Sheffield is committed to sport and committed to using sport to benefit the health of the people of the city.

“We will work closely with Sheffield City Council and Ponds Forge user groups to establish plans to enable reopening as soon as possible.”