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Swim England launches web page dedicated to volunteers

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Swim England has launched a dedicated section on its official website to volunteering in aquatics, providing up-to-date news and information.

The Swim England Volunteering page details how volunteers can get involved in various aquatic sports, which roles are available and the benefits of volunteering.

It also outlines the training and education pathways required to become part of the ever growing volunteering community.

Increased support for Swim England volunteers

Volunteers are the heartbeat of sport and the dozens of Swim England events staged each year wouldn’t be possible without their tireless efforts.

All organisations – from clubs to regions – rely on dedicated volunteers to help athletes reach their full potential.

It is hoped the new page will educate and inspire more people to get involved, as Swim England strives to meet the requirements of volunteers.

Claire Coleman, Swim England’s Head of Volunteering, said: “The passion and enthusiasm of our volunteers has a huge impact on the experience of all members of the aquatics community, from athletes and coaches, to parents and spectators.

“It is our ambition to support the ongoing development of our communication with volunteers and the support we provide to them across the sport.

“Our new web pages are the first step in this process. They aim to provide everything you need to start your volunteering journey with Swim England.”

The Swim England Volunteering page will continue to develop based on insight from the volunteering community, releasing new programmes and opportunities with which volunteers can engage.

Feedback is welcomed and can be provided by emailing volunteering@swimming.org or calling 01509 002797.