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‘Disappointing’ water polo and artistic swimming impacted by new restrictions

Swim England chief executive Jane Nickerson has expressed her disappointment that adult water polo and artistic swimming team events will be impacted by the latest coronavirus restrictions announced by the Government.

However, the recognised national governing body can confirm that the majority of activities taking place whilst following Swim England’s Return to Pool guidance remain unchanged at present.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in a statement to the House of Commons on Tuesday that the rule of six would be extended to indoor adult team sports which includes those aged 18 years and over playing water polo or participating in artistic swimming teams.

Individual training can continue in these sports with water polo restricted to play three versus three and artistic swimming teams of no more than six participants.

Jane said: “It’s extremely disappointing to hear that the latest restrictions to combat the spread of coronavirus will affect adult water polo and artistic swimming team events, especially as water polo was only just given the green light to return to competitive training and matches.

“Rest assured, we will be doing everything we can to continue to support our water polo and artistic swimming communities during this time.”

There is no impact on masters swimming or on water polo players and artistic swimming teams made up of children and young people aged up to and including 17 years of age.

However, everyone travelling to facilities for lessons or club activity would have to arrive in no more than groups of six.