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Welfare and safeguarding guidance update

With the relief of the reopening of indoor pools and clubs restarting it is really positive news that so many of our members are able to return to the water.

This restart together with the enjoyment of being back in the water should be the focus for all of us – as is the continued welfare, safety and wellbeing of our young members, which is of paramount importance and ensuring that all of our members have a positive experience in all of our aquatic sports.

To achieve this, athlete health, safety and wellbeing is at the heart of what we do and to that end, all of our welfare and safeguarding guidance remains under constant review.

Given the dynamic nature of aquatic sport and the development of sports medicine and sports science, the coach education system, on a number of issues, is also subject to ongoing review.

One of those considerations, relevant to both, is the issue and impact of weighing of individuals as part of training processes. To that end, we have taken an interim position that across all of our disciplines, athletes under 18 should not be weighed as part of their training programme, unless this takes place under the auspices of a world class programme or national talent programme.

We have brought together a group of experts in a number of relevant fields including medicine, nutrition, sport psychology, safeguarding and coaching who together with the other Home Nations and British Swimming are carefully considering this matter across aquatics.

The group will provide recommendations, guidance and policies that will be made available once this review process has been completed.