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England rugby ace Willi Heinz says the pool helps him focus ahead of matches

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England rugby union scrum half Willi Heinz has revealed how he uses the swimming pool to help him focus ahead of matches.

The Gloucester Rugby captain discussed how he always goes swimming on game days during an interview on the ‘O2 Inside Line’ podcast.

Heinz, who has won four England caps and made 80 appearances for Gloucester, reveals how a dip in the pool is a major part of his daily routine and preparation for matches.

He said: “The one consistent thing I do, certainly on game day but most days to be honest, is go to the pool.

“I find that not only does it get me ready physically, I just find that it’s a nice kind of, not mental break, but a time where I can be a little bit mindful.

“But also think about what’s coming up, be it the game or be it training and what my role is today.

“It’s just a bit of time where I can focus in on what I’m doing but also get ready.

“I do a little bit of pool mobility, a little bit of swimming, bit of a stretch in the sauna, that kind of thing.”

Similar to the insight Swim England gained on the recovery methods within rugby league, Heinz also mentioned that the pool was his main recovery tool after matches and training sessions.

Both sports are physically demanding and include hard collisions throughout, so the pool helps to reduce muscle soreness and flush out lactic acid.

Swim England’s Value of Swimming report highlighted how water-based activity can help benefit physical and mental health.

Picture credit: RFU Collection via Getty Images.