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Swim England is giving 10 lucky youngsters the chance to win a year’s worth of swimming lessons.

Competition Closed

The competition closed on 12 December 2018.

As part of a new competition, the national governing body is asking parents to share why they want their child to learn how to swim.

Parents have to complete the sentence “I want my child to #LearnToSwim because…” and post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Ten lucky people will be drawn at random from the entries received and will win swimming lessons for their child at a pool of their choice.

Josh Hardy, Swim England’s head of commercial development, said: “Teaching children to swim at an early age is so important. It not only allows them to be safe in and around water, but it opens the door to many other activities. It also allows you to have fun in the pool with friends and family.

“We are looking for parents to highlight the importance of learning to swim and all the avenues you can pursue once you know how, like becoming an astronaut!”