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Swim England recruiting for Youth Advisory Panel Members

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A recruitment drive for young people to help share the voice of youth with Swim England has been launched.

The organisation’s Youth Advisory Panel is made up of a group of young people between 16 and 25.

They act as representatives for all aquatic disciplines, providing young people with a voice on decisions that could have an impact on them.

Now, the group is looking to recruit six new members.

The panel, which meets four times a year, is consulted on a wide range of topics, from encouraging more young people to access teaching, coaching and officiating courses, to advising on young person friendly safeguarding messages.

Members are also able to propose aspects of work that Swim England should be engaging with which meet young people’s needs.

Toby Sanderson, who is a current member of the Youth Advisory Panel, said: “I joined the Youth Advisory Panel about four years ago and, these days, I’m considered one of the more senior members.

“I am interested in representing the views of young people and ensuring we have a say in the decisions that matter to us and our sport.

Toby youth advisory panel member 2018

“The Youth Advisory Panel is essential to support decision makers within Swim England so they can access the youth voice.

“Ultimately, we represent the majority of the Swim England membership so I take this responsibility seriously.

“The strength of the Youth Advisory Panel is its members and I am keen to ensure that the panel continues to develop its work and its membership.”

Who we are looking for

  • Young people who are actively involved in the sport as a participant, teacher, coach, official or volunteer
  • Young people who are between 16-25 years old
  • Young people who are active in one of the following disciplines:*
    • Diving
    • Water polo
    • Synchronised swimming
    • Open water
    • Para Swimming
    • A non-swimming volunteer
  • Young people who are ideally a Swim England member (Cat 1 – non-competitive, Cat 2 – competitive Cat 3 – other)**

*Applicants can be active in swimming but one of the disciplines listed above must be their primary focus.

**Applications will be considered from individuals who are not members as long as the application demonstrates significant experience of sports participation and/or volunteering.

Claire Coleman, Swim England’s head of volunteering and pathways, said: “We are looking for dedicated new members who will be committed to attending meetings, contributing to discussions and working collaboratively with their Youth Advisory Panel peers.

“We are looking for passionate young people who want to positively influence the experiences of other young people involved in the sport and act as representatives for them.

“If you think this could be you, then we’d love to see your application.”

Submitting an application

The application process has two steps, an online application form and a video submission.

Please complete the online form by clicking here and submit a video, no longer than two minutes, to volunteering@swimming.org.

Your video should focus on discussing an issue in sport that’s important to you.

Video tips

  • Tell us what the issue is, why it is important to you, how it affects you or people you know and how you would solve it.
  • Please make sure you introduce yourself, so we know who you are and can match your video to your online application.
  • Think about where you are when you record your video, is it bright enough for us to see you? What is around you? Could someone identify where you are or see something you don’t want them to?
  • Two minutes goes by quicker than you think when you’re recording so plan what you want to say.
  • Think about how quickly you speak.
  • Make the video as interesting as you can but remember it’s about you.

Applications submitted by 19 October which meet the criteria will be reviewed by the current Youth Advisory Panel who will decide who should join as new members.