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Determined mum didn't want her daughter to develop fear of water like she did

Teenager Yusra Kahlalech is on the way to becoming a competent swimmer – as her mum was determined she didn’t follow in her footsteps and develop a fear of the water.

Yusra is 13-years-old and attends weekly swimming lessons at her local Everyone Active pool after she began her Learn to Swim journey at the age of five.

The youngster has progressed through the stages of the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme and is currently working towards Learn to Swim Stage 6.

She hopes to finish Learn to Swim Stage 7 by the end of the year, and her mum Hasna Kahlalech, explained the importance of continuing swimming lessons.

She said: “It is important that Yusra achieve the highest level of competence in swimming and most definitely, this year, she will be able to complete Stage 7.

“It is important for her to finish all her Awards and keep improving.”

Always enjoyed the water

Hasna was never given the opportunity to learn to swim, despite wanting to, and this has made her determined to ensure Yusra attends swimming lessons.

“As a parent, I have put time and money to make sure my child becomes a competent swimmer,” she added.

As a result of not learning to swim as a child, Hasna has developed fears and anxiety about the water and didn’t want Yusra to suffer the same discomfort around water.

In addition to being a lifesaving skill, learning to swim has also improved the family holidays.

Hasna said: “I did not want my child to miss out on such a beautiful activity. Also, when we go on holiday, I want my child to be safe in the water and enjoy it!”

Yusra has clearly benefited from her mum’s determination to ensure she attends swimming lessons, as she loves spending time in the water and can now enjoy other water-based sports due to the fact she can swim.

“She has always enjoyed the water and wants to continue to improve her swimming, and she has no fear of diving for instance,” added Hasna.

“For the first time this summer, she has tried sailing, and is planning on trying kayaking and canoeing with Westminster Boating Base too.”

Swimming water competency standards explained: