Finding a swimming pool

Looking for a swimming pool for your swim club? Read below for helpful information to consider when searching for it.

An obvious hurdle to overcome but necessary!  There are many options but it’s unlikely that a Local Authority run facility will offer any free time…….. But there are school pools, hotels and private pools that may have time available.

There are questions you will need to ask yourself:

  • Are the facilities appropriate for the lessons you plan to teach?
  • Is the water depth appropriate to the lessons you are planning?
  • Are the changing rooms adequate, clean and well equipped with showers and toilets, etc.?
  • Is the water temperature suitable?
  • Is there a demand for lessons locally?
  • What is the competition doing?
  • Evidence of local charging structures?
  • Is the pool accessible with good parking?
  • Can you work with the pool operator?

A key factor is the relationship you have with the owner / operator of the pool.  It’s strongly recommended that the arrangement you have MUST be written down so you BOTH understand your respective rights and responsibilities. Your future financial well being might depend upon this agreement – ensure you are happy with the content – particularly any termination clauses the operator may be able to impose. 

What are the key issues that need to be covered?

  • Times and dates of hire
  • What are you actually hiring – e.g. whole pool or part ; viewing gallery?
  • Policy on gaining access to changing before hire of pool starts?
  • Expiry and renewal dates – is the agreement open ended?
  • Under what terms can both parties cancel the contract?
  • Do you have a minimum notice period e.g. 1 month?
  • What happens if the pool has to close?
  • Responsibilities on health & safety / life-guarding?
  • Any insurance requirements?
  • Above all, ensure you are fully aware of your responsibilities under the terms of the contract. If you fail to deliver, it is likely that the operator will have cause to cancel the agreement, leaving you literally without any water.

Any doubts – seek a professional legal opinion.

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