Managing people

Below is a helpful look at how to manage people at your swim school

Managing people 

To your customers, the swimming teachers ARE the Swim School.

No matter how good your marketing, promotional material or customer service, it’s the people that the parents see in action that make the difference in their eyes. The teachers are the fundamental to the success of the Swim School – they are your key assets and you should therefore look after them properly.

This area of the business is without question the most difficult as there is a great deal of legislation that protects the individuals – giving them rights and responsibilities by law.

Initially you must determine whether you are going to work with your teachers on an employed or a self employed basis. Whichever method you choose – don’t hesitate to get some professional advice along the way. Mistakes at this stage can be costly later. 

So what areas do you need to look at ?

  • You will need a contract with each of your teachers – essentially setting out the business relationship between you
  • Are the teachers members of the IoS?
  • Agree a competitive rate of pay – usually an hourly rate – do some research and pay appropriately to keep the best!
  • Establish procedures for dealing with grievances, disciplinary issues and termination
  • Agree holiday entitlements – particularly when holidays can be taken
  • Put processes in place to deal with regular reviews of performance – usually called appraisals
  • Agree relevant training plans
  • What measures are in place to deal with Health & Safety issues
  • What are the accident reporting procedures
  • An obligation to keep up to date on Child Welfare matters
  • Arrangement for paying salaries on an agreed basis
  • All of these areas, spelling out both the employers and the employees responsibilities, should be written down in a form of contract and signed by both parties BEFORE starting work.
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