Risk assessment

On this page you will find help on creating a risk assessment for your swim school

Risk assessment

You cannot ignore your Health & Safety obligations to your customers, and, if you have any, your staff. You have a duty of care to anyone affected by your business and you are therefore required to risk assess your activities, identify hazards and minimise that risk where it is reasonably practical to do so.

By undertaking a risk assessment, it should lead to the creation of some simple operating procedures for your business. You are required to write these down, display them and make them available to anyone who needs them. Most pools should already have a Swimming Pool Operating Procedure (SPOP) which will include an Emergency Action Plan (EAP). It’s simpler to adopt theirs – indeed they may require you to do so.

Risk assessments are not complicated – you are required to complete one – in so doing – you think through the potential problems and try to avoid them wherever possible. Professional help is always at hand if needed, but reference to the following websites may help you draft an appropriate policy:



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