Swim schools Information

From an A-Z listing of schools across England to advice and information on setting up your own, read on to access a range of information on swim schools.

Swim Schools

Setting up a swim school can seem an attractive option to supplement an income as a swimming teacher. There are many examples of well organised swim schools around the country that operate very effectively, delivering quality lesson programmes.

Penguins Swimming Lessons in Sussex were awarded Swim School of the Year at the 2016 ASA Aquatics Awards. Click here to find out more about their programme or click play on the video below to hear from their founder.

However, there are a lot of things to take into account if you plan to open your own school.

In this section you will find a range of information to help you through the process of setting up your own school as well as an A-Z list of swim schools and their contact details.

ASA Swim School Membership

Running and developing your swim school can be hard work when resources are limited. Join in partnership with us today and let us support you – whether for advice on day-to-day business challenges, or provision of policy guidelines and examples of best practice.

Give your swimmers the peace of mind that you have the backing of the National Governing Body for swimming and become an ASA swim school member.

Swim School Resources and Advice

To access the information simply click on the links below or use the navigation to the left.

  • Swim Schools Directory
    View a comprehensive list of all swim schools registered with the ASA.
  • Running A Swim School
    A range of points to consider when setting up your own swim school or looking to develop an existing one.
  • Finding A Pool
    More information on how to source a pool as a base for your swim school.
  • Equipment
    Pool and swimming equipment will be essential for the running of your school. Take note of some pointers on what to buy and where from.
  • Marketing
    It's no good running a swim school that nobody knows about. And how do you know what your customers want? Read tips on marketing your school here.
  • Business Planning
    Like it or loathe it, a business plan is essential for the smooth running of your swim school. Read our points to consider when making yours.
  • Best Teaching Practice
    What is best teaching practice and why is it so important? Read more about hiring the right swimming teachers.
  • Customer Services
    While the focus is your swimming teaching, there are many administrative tasks which you will need to keep on top of.
  • Managing People
    Your teachers are your key asset. Click here for more information on how to managing your workforce and keep them happy and enthusiastic.
  • Insurance
    Insurance is not an added extra. It's essential for a swim school. Find out more about your options on this page.
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