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FAQs about team manager training

Team manager training is designed to ensure volunteers are equipped with the skills they need to do their job. These FAQs should answer some of your questions about the training.

So, what is team manager training?

It is a way of clubs showing their commitment to you as a volunteer. The ability to manage teams is a key part of many volunteer roles. Ensuring athletes arrive at and return from sporting activities unharmed is a big responsibility, and clubs like to make sure volunteers have all the necessary skills and knowledge to do it.

Understandable. What will I learn on the course?

Well, it is split into two sections. The first is local competitions and the second is overnight stays and travel abroad.

The first section points out that as a team manager you are a leader, administrator, travel agent, substitute family, disciplinarian, friend and nutritionist among many other things. You will learn and practice risk assessments and role play the issues involved with managing teams.

Overnight stays and travel abroad takes similar themes to a different environment. You learn about vetting host families, what to do on arrival at a hotel or airport, and how to ensure dietary requirements are met, among other issues. You then role play scenarios you may encounter when travelling with athletes.

Sounds a lot to take in. How long is it?

Don’t worry, it is only a 2.5 hour workshop. Learning to manage a team can take a lifetime. The course is designed to ensure you have the right toolkit from the start. As a team manager you will gain updates from the ASA when necessary to allow you to fulfil your role to the best of your ability.

Great, where do I sign up?

Ask your club about team manager training and whether it is applicable to your role. You can also contact the volunteer centre at the ASA for more information. Send them an email at volunteering@swimming.org. To download a registration form to apply for Team Manager training click here.

If you are a trained Course Leader and would like to run a Team Manager course please download the form and return it to the email address provided on the form.  If you would like to deliver a course but do not have a Course Leader please email volunteering@swimming.org

Once the course is registered you will receive the course PowerPoint and course leader notes.  You will also receive a candidate workbook and certificate that you can print out for the required number of delegates.  You will also be sent an evaluation form and registration form which must be completed and sent back to The ASA after you have delivered the course.

Team Manager training is free of charge. If you have any concerns about running the course or printing the workbooks and certificates please email volunteering@swimming.org and we will do our best to help you.   

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