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Team Manager Training

Team Manager training is designed to ensure any volunteers who are taking groups of athletes to competition or camps, locally or abroad, are fully equipped to do their role.  Ensuring athletes arrive at and return from sporting activities unharmed is a big responsibility, and this training will ensure volunteers have all the necessary skills and knowledge to do this with confidence.

Who is Team Manager training for?

Team Manager training is ideal for those individuals who are already doing the role of a Team Manager, or those who are due to take on the role.  There are no pre-requisites for the workshop, and it is recommended for anyone aged 16 or over, although it should be noted that an individual cannot take the role of a Team Manager fully until they turn 18.

Course Structure

Team Manager training is delivered in two parts – Module 1 and Module 2. You must complete Module 1 and then ideally spend at least a few months gaining experience at that level before moving on to Module 2.

You can either book on to a course near you, or if there are a few of you who need the training in a similar area (either within one club or a number or clubs in a network) you can apply to run your own course, further details of which you can find below.

The course is normally delivered in a classroom style environment and we recommend that the workshoop should take around three hours.

Module 1 - Local Competitions

This training is designed as an introduction to team managing at a club/local level. It is intended to be a basic and informative workshop to give participants the confidence and knowledge to effectively manage a team at a local level. The course is designed to achieve the following four outcomes:

1. To raise awareness of the key areas to consider in being a safe and effective Team Manager at local competitions
2. To identify likely problems and challenges
3. To understand the need for risk assessments
4. To be aware of where further help, guidance and support is available.

Following the Module 1 course, we would advise that you spend at least a few months gaining as much experience as possible as a Team Manager, before thinking about Module 2 training. However, we are aware that there may be occasions where you are asked to take a team away for an overnight stay, or training/competition abroad, and in this circumstance we would suggest that you endeavour to complete the Module 2 course in advance of the trip.

Module 2 - Overnight Stays and Travel Abroad

This training is designed for Team Managers who have attended the ASA Team Manager Training – Module 1 and have gained some experience in team managing at a local level, at overnight stays or travel abroad. This workshop builds upon these experiences and aims to equip a Team Manager to effectively manage a team staying overnight or travelling abroad. The workshop is designed to achieve the following five objectives:

1. To build on learning from Module 1 and share experiences
2. To raise awareness of key areas in being a safe and effective Team Manager when staying away from home and travelling abroad
3. To identify likely problems and challenges associated with overnight stays and travelling abroad
4. To understand the value of risk assessments
5. To be aware of where further help, guidance and support is available.

Learning to manage a team can take a lifetime. The course is designed to ensure you have the right toolkit from the start. As a team manager you will receive updates from the ASA when necessary to allow you to fulfil the role to the best of your ability.

Great, where do I sign up?

Most Team Manager courses are run by the ASA regions, so if you are interested in attending please contact volunteering@swimming.org and we will put you in touch with your relevant contact who will be able to advise if and when any suitable courses are due to run.  

If there are a few of you who need the training in a similar area (either within one club or a number of clubs in a network), you can actually apply to run your own course. To do this just follow these simple steps:

  • Arrange a suitable venue and date
  • Download a registration form - click here. Complete this and return to lesley.burton@swimming.org.
  • The workshops must be delivered by a registered presenter - if you don’t have one to deliver the course, when you return the form just leave the presenter information blank, and you will be sent a list of presenters in your area to contact.
  • Once the course is registered, the presenter will receive the course PowerPoint and course leader notes.  They will also receive a candidate workbook and certificate to print out for the required number of delegates.  There will also be an evaluation form and registration form which must be completed and sent back to The ASA by the presenter after they have delivered the course.

As the organising club of a Team Manager course you would be responsible for the cost of the venue hire (if applicable), and the travel expenses of the tutor, but there are no other costs associated with running or attending the training.

Becoming a Team Manager Presenter

If you are interested in delivering the Team Manager modules and training up the next generation of Team Managers, you can deliver your own courses as long as you are registered as an official Team Manager Presenter. 

  • For information on how to become a registered presenter of the Team Manager training click here
  • Click here to download the presenter specification for Module 1
  • Click here to download the presenter specification for Module 2

To register yourself as a Team Manager Presenter, please complete the above form(s) with written evidence and return to volunteering@swimming.org.  We will then inform you of your suitability and support you to get started as a Team Manager presenter!

If you have any questions about Team Manager training please contact us on volunteering@swimming.org.

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