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The Alpha Step Awards

The Swim England Alpha Step Awards are a series of three Awards that provide small stepping stones for individuals who may need additional support.

The Awards consist of basic water confidence and aquatic skills that, once mastered, will enable a smooth transition into Stage 1 of the Learn to Swim Framework.

Why should you deliver the Alpha Step Awards as part of your lessons programme?

As a swimming teacher, you will understand that every learner has different needs. This means that you’ll often have to adapt lessons to ensure that all your learners feel included.

Alpha Step Awards are great for encouraging shy/timid children,  nervous adults and some individuals with special educational needs and /or disabilities (SEND) to progress through the Learn to Swim Framework.

The Awards provide flexibility to learners as they do not have to achieve all the outcomes to achieve an Award, for example, to achieve Alpha Step 2, learners have to demonstrate 12 of the 22 outcomes.

ℹ️ Visit the inclusion hub for swimming teachers to get more guidance about inclusivity in lessons.

Interested in implementing the Alpha Step Awards into your lessons programme? Below are a variety of options of where you can go next to find out more…

📧 Email [email protected] to enquire about how to integrate these Awards into your swimming lesson programme.

🛒 Visit the Swim England webshop to view these Awards.

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