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New Aquatic Latent Demand tool to support pool owners and operators

An ‘invaluable’ new product to help swimming pool owners and operators maximise their Learn to Swim programmes has been launched by Swim England.

The new tool uses Swim England insight to determine the likelihood of someone paying for a swimming lesson within a defined catchment area, including adjustments based on socio-economic and demographic factors.

A detailed report is then produced revealing the true latent demand target, per pool, of their Learn to Swim programme.

It is the only product on the market offering a fully aquatic-focused analysis and is pat of a suite of available to pool owners and operators through Swim England’s Business Solutions offer.

The Aquatic Latent Demand tool will empower learn to swim providers to understand their true market potential, and therefore help more children to learn to swim

Alex Hains, Head of Business Engagement at Swim England, said: “We’re proud to be launching this tool, which will be invaluable in supporting pool owners and operators to accurately understand the potential of, and set realistic targets for, their Learn to Swim programmes. 

Vital income stream

“During the design of this tool, we have listened carefully to the needs and wishes of pool owners and operators and hope that this new product will be well received and helpful to the sector.

“With Learn to Swim being such a vital income stream for pools we hope this service will help keep pools open and support them to grow and that is why we took the decision to invest heavily in its development. 

“We also believe the tool will be incredibly useful for prospective pool operators when preparing bids for contracts. 

“Being able to accurately quantify the local Learn to Swim market will be a real asset for anyone bidding for a contract to operate a pool.”

Swim England’s Business Solutions offer incorporates industry-leading insight, experience and best practice knowledge to help pool owners and operators create sustainable solutions to aquatic business development.

Anyone interested in learning more about the new Aquatic Latent Demand tool, or any of Swim England’s ‘Business Solutions’ services and how they could support your organisation, should email business.solutions@swimming.org