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Swim England Artistic Swimming Club of the Year nominees announced

The Artistic Swimming Club of the Year nominees have been revealed ahead of this year’s Swim England National Awards.

The winner will be revealed at an awards ceremony which will take place in the University of Birmingham’s Great Hall on Saturday 26 November.

As well as Artistic Swimming Club of the Year, there will also be awards for the best diving, water polo and swimming club of the year.

The nominees for the Swimming Club of the Year and Diving Club of the Year awards were announced last week.

Awards will also be given to the volunteer, youth volunteer, technical official, coach and youth champion of the year as well as the spirit of aquatics award.

There’s also several other gongs that will be given out at the ceremony.

These are the Swim England Breakthrough Athlete of the Year awards, the Spirit of the Commonwealth Games awards and the Harold Fern and Alfred H Turner award.

Make sure to keep an eye on our channels over the coming weeks as we announce more finalists ahead of the ceremony in Birmingham.

The nominees the Swim England Artistic Swimming Club of the Year Award, are:

Denton Artistic Swimming Club

As the only artistic swimming club in Tameside, Denton Artistic Swimming Club are representing the borough by building strong links within the community.

They have run three 12-week academy courses over the last year which has helped doubled their membership all ran by their incredibly dedicated team of volunteers.

The club has large number of nuero-diverse members which the club supports by adapting to their needs and allowing the swimmers to develop at their own pace.

In the past year, they’ve had successful swimmers at both national and regional events including in Masters competitions where their masters class encourages people to get involved in the sport and improve their fitness.

Rugby Artistic Swimming Club

Rugby Artistic Swimming Club’s supportive and encouraging atmosphere has helped their swimmers develop as people with a sense of togetherness with each other.

The club works especially hard in supporting young people reach their potential. They support their young swimmers in working towards their young volunteer and council awards by helping them give up their time to develop their skills.

In September, the club began to support a new cohort of young coaches as they started on their coaching journey as well helping new officials take part in and support their competition structures.

This has allowed membership to remain consistent as they put in place their plans to further raise the profile of the club and sport in the local and wider community.