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Successful Coach Development Programme in the West Midlands

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The final cohort of coaches have completed the bespoke Coach Development Programme which the West Midlands region began in 2014.

The programme has just finished its third and final year. Since 2014 it has helped the region to develop the skills of some of the top coaches in the area. This has, in turn, improved the development of swimmers in the West Midlands.

Each coach is then able to impart the knowledge and insight they have gained with other coaches. Over the last three years the programme has influenced hundreds of swimmers and coaches throughout the region in this way.

A total of 25 coaches have been through the programme, with six to 12 coaches taking part each year. There has been a progressive programme of activity in place, including technical skills, soft skills and mentoring workshops.

The programme catered for coaches at all levels

Each year, the programme has focused on different levels of coach. From national and regional coaches to county level. Each coach received ongoing mentoring from either Adam Ruckwood, head coach at City of Coventry, or Ian Armiger, Loughborough’s coaching consultant.

The West Midlands region worked with a number of partners to make sure the programme is a success. They worked with the Swim England England Talent team, British Swimming and UK Coaching specialists and psychologists.

Paul Wilson, Assistant Coach at City of Coventry, said about a workshop session: “I thought the workshop was very interesting and informative, thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Now that the 2016/17 cohort have completed the programme, it is now changing to form part of the national England Talent Pathway Coach Development Programme. However, the West Midlands region will still deliver three or four bespoke workshops in the region each year to complement the national programme. This will help to maintain the development of coaches in the region.

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