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Top tips and advice on handling Learn to Swim Awards safely during Covid-19

The Swim England Learn to Swim team have shared some top tips and advice to follow when handling Learn to Swim Awards.

Awards are a great way to keep learners of all ages and abilities motivated throughout their swimming journey.

Due to the coronavirus, some people may be unsure about how to present awards to recipients in a covid-secure way.

Here is some guidance on how it can be done…

  1. When preparing to write certificates, ensure that the work area has been sanitised by using antibacterial spray and cloth.
  2. Always wear gloves or sanitise your hands when handling certificates.
  3. Once the work area is prepared and your hands are sanitised, then start removing the certificates from their packaging to begin writing.
  4. Wear a mask when writing the certificate and again when handing the certificate to the parent or the child.
  5. Finally, always encourage customers to sanitise their hands and make hand sanitising stations available for everyone to use.

These safety tips should help to ensure that the magical moment of receiving a Learn to Swim Award can continue safely.

Handy resources to help restart swimming lessons

The restarting of swimming lessons gives another opportunity to utilise the free digital marketing toolkit provided by Swim England to help you get back on your feet.

Resources such as ‘Return to the Pool’ posters, printable “welcome back” certificates and new award slips are available to download.

All posters can be personalised with logos and there is a ‘how to use’ guide which shows how to do this.

In addition to these top tips, the recognised national governing body has also produced tips for parents and teachers alongside their guidance documents for swimming lessons and school swimming.