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Inclusion in the Learn to Swim Programme

Our Learn to Swim Programme is world-renowned, helping children and adults of all ages, backgrounds and abilities achieve their potential in the water.

It includes four Frameworks, which teach fundamental movement skills, core aquatic skills and different aquatic disciplines.

Learn to Swim Awards are a great way to recognise achievements during the swimming journey. They also mark learners’ progress through the Frameworks.

As well as core Awards like Learn to Swim 1-7 or the Adult Awards, which mark bigger milestones, our programme includes complementary Awards, which can be used to reward smaller steps.

These are perfect for motivating learners who may may be finding it difficult or are unable to perform some of the mainstream skills needed to achieve a core Learn to Swim Award.

We encourage swimming teachers to make informed adaptations in their lessons to support all of their learners and use alternative methods of reward and recognition where necessary.

Discover our Awards for smaller steps:

I CAN Awards

I CAN Awards recognise when learners make single achievements and smaller steps. There are nine Awards in total. Learn more

Alpha Step Awards

Alpha Step Awards reward the development of skills like buoyancy, coordination, spatial awareness, breathing, and entering and leaving the pool safely. There are three in total. Learn more.

Water Skills Awards

Water Skills Awards encourage confidence, competence and versatility in the water. There are seven Awards, each with ten skills for learners to try.

Learners can attempt all ten, but to achieve the Award, they only need to complete eight of the skills. Learn more.

Adult Distance Awards – 5 metres and 10 metres

Designed to provide motivational milestones for swimmers who enjoy lane swimming, the Adult Distance Awards set clear targets to achieve.

The 5 metres and 10 metres Awards are ideal for beginners and those who lack confidence or feel less capable in the water. Learn more.