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A nation swimming

We’re passionate about championing a healthy nation through aquatic activity

Swim England chief executive Jane Nickerson hails the importance of the national governing body’s new 10-year strategy, Access Aquatics

To be successful in any aspect of life requires a number of important characteristics.

Commitment, aspiration, perseverance, passion, desire, determination, patience and a willingness to listen and learn in a bid to improve are just a few of the key traits which are shown by triumphant individuals and teams at all levels of sport.

I believe all of these attributes are firmly embedded in our new 10-year strategic vision, Access Aquatics.

It shows a commitment to bring positive change to one of the nation’s most popular – and important – recreational activities.

The ability to swim is a life skill no-one should be without.

Everyone at Swim England is passionate about championing a healthy and successful nation through aquatic activity.

We will persevere in our mission to tackle the inequalities to participation and remove the barriers which prevent too many people and communities from taking part in our wonderful sports.

Key priority areas

This includes a desire to increase the number of participants from under-represented communities in our senior national teams across swimming, diving, artistic swimming and water polo.

We are determined to ensure that everyone has great, positive experiences – and in the past, we recognise this hasn’t always been the case.

However, we are taking action to improve by listening to our clubs, members, coaches, teachers, administrators, volunteers and parents to ensure there is a positive and welcoming culture at all levels.

Our aspirations are clear for all to see though our three key priority areas – Capability, People and Water.

Although we will need to remain patient as it will take time to achieve all of our goals, we have the desire to deliver for everyone involved in aquatics – from the recreational swimmer who relies on the pool for their mental and physical wellbeing, to our clubs and members who are devoted to our sports as well as the elite athletes bidding for Olympic glory.

We know, though, that actions speak louder than words.

That’s why we have identified four key areas that can make a huge impact and immediate actions which will lay the foundations to realise this vision and underpin the successful delivery of the overall strategy.

By focusing our efforts, and working collaboratively with our partners and stakeholders, we can open up Access to Aquatics for all.