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Jane Nickerson thanks ‘amazing family’ for their resilience and support

Swim England chief executive Jane Nickerson has thanked the ‘amazing’ volunteers who ‘do brilliant things to help keep our sports alive’.

During a speech at the Swim England National Awards, Jane championed the commitment of everyone from aquatic clubs across the country for their efforts throughout an ‘incredibly tough period’.

Seven awards were presented during a live virtual ceremony hosted on the Swim England Facebook page by Olympic diving silver medallist Leon Taylor.

Jane said: “Today is rightly all about celebrating some of the athletes, coaches, teachers and volunteers on the call tonight from clubs across the country.

“You are all amazing.

“Everyone nominated today, and hundreds, if not thousands more people in clubs the length and breadth of England, do brilliant things to keep our sports alive and to give opportunities to people to reach their swimming, diving, artistic swimming, para swimming or water polo goals at whatever level that may be.

“We know it has been an incredibly tough period, that many challenges remain, and I can assure you all, we will continue to do what we can at Swim England to be that loud voice banging the drum for all aquatics.

“But as I say, today is about celebration.

“Nobody demonstrates the resilience of our sports, and the determination to find clever ways to grow and champion all our amazing sports better than tonight’s nominees.

“Our innovation awards recognised those who have adapted so well to the new environment we have been working in these past 18 months.

All winners

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“Our inspirational awards recognised those who are, as the name suggests, are inspirational by virtue of their actions, the values they demonstrate and their contributions to their clubs and our sports.

“We saw examples of athletes who have dealt with the adversity so well in amongst all the craziness of the pandemic.

“We highlighted coaches who have really gone the extra mile to support their athletes during these times.

“We heard about volunteers who give up their time to literally keep our sports alive.

“It can’t be said enough but thank you from everyone at Swim England to all our volunteers.

“We recognised the amazing feats of some young volunteers – who seem to get younger and younger every year.

“Who even at such a young age are already giving back to our sports which is something to be celebrated and gives me hope for the future of the sports we love.

“It is perhaps a tired cliché but it is unquestionably true on this occasion that whilst we could only name one winner in each category, you are most certainly all winners in my eyes.

“Thank you to all of you for everything you do for our great sports.  

“This truly is an amazing family who really showed resilience and support for each other during a crazy time in the world.”