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Swim England National Awards 2021 roll of honour

The winners of the Swim England National Awards 2021 have been revealed during a virtual ceremony.

A total of seven awards were announced by Olympian Leon Taylor during a presentation on the Swim England Facebook page

The Awards recognised the vast contribution made by individuals and organisations from all aquatic sports.

Swim England Sport Innovation Award 

Elizabeth Fitzgerald and Coaching Team from Denton Artistic Swimming Club

Regional winners: Lottie Thompson – Cambridge Dive Team (East Region); Alan Thurlow – Wandsworth Swimming Club (London Region); Electric Eels Swimming & Synchro Club of Windsor (South East Region); Robin Surgeoner – Orion Swimming Club (West Midlands Region).

Swim England Engagement Innovation Award

Barracudas Taskforce from Leyland Barracudas Swimming Club, North West Region

Regional winners: Stewart Park and Nikki Merrill – Norwich Swan Swimming Club (East Region); Rushmoor club captains – Rushmoor Royals (South East Region); Hannah Secher – Rugby Artistic Swimming Club (West Midlands Region); Emma Dodd – Soundwell Swimming Club (South West); City of Sheffield Diving Club (North East Region)

Swim England Inspirational Volunteer Award 

David Culf – Halifax Swimming Club (North East Region)

Regional winners: Ian Dick – Bingham Penguins (East Midlands Region); Cliff Taylor – Leyland Barracudas ASC (North West Region); Louise Perkins – Teamipswich Swimming (East Region); Jackie Bedford – Beckenham Swimming Club (London Region); Lisa Mickel – Crawley Swimming Club (South East Region); Ceri Tombs – Evesham Swimming Club (West Midlands Region); Ben Mullen – Bristol Penguins (South West Region)

Swim England Inspirational Young Volunteer Award

Lewis Baybutt – Maxwell Swimming Club (South East Region)

Regional winners: Harriet Smith – Loughborough Town Swimming Club (East Midlands Region); Lottie Meade – Blackburn Centurions (North West Region); Molly Monk – City of Norwich Swimming Club (East Region); David Langley – Beckenham Swimming Club (London Region); Micah Partridge – Tiverton Swimming Club (South West Region); Amy-Lee Jones – Dove Valley ASC (West Midlands Region); Zoe Clark – Durham City Aquatics (North East Region)

Inspirational Coach/Teacher Award 

Keiron Piper– Sevenoaks Swimming Club (South East Region)

Sally Freeman – Plymouth Diving Club (South West Region)

Regional winners: Joshua Simpson – Oadby & Wigston Swimming club (East Midlands Region); Mike Robinson – Clitheroe & District Swimming Club (North West Region); Dave Champion – Teamipswich Swimming (East Region); Sophie Monaghan – Brent Dolphins (London Region); Luke Harris – Newport and District Amateur Swimming Club (West Midlands Region); Becki McGuire – Morpeth ASC (North East Region)

Inspirational Athlete Award 

Henry Howarth – Cleethorpes and District (North East Region)

Regional winners: Jacob Whittle – Ripley Rascals and Derventio Excel (East Midlands Region); Ella Blocksidge – City of Salford Swimming Club (North West Region); Evie Reynolds – Chelmsford City Swimming Club (East Region); Jessica Ayling – Barking and Dagenham (London Region); Suzanna Hext – Swindon ASC (South West Region); Katie Crowhurst – Wycombe District Swimming Club (South East Region); Evie Bott – Stafford Apex Swimming Club (West Midlands Region)

Swim England Youth Champion Award

The North East Regional Youth Panel