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Safeguarding refresher course is launched by Swim England

A new safeguarding refresher course which enables swimming teachers, coaches and other personnel working within an aquatics environment to update their knowledge has been launched by Swim England.

The Swim England Safeguarding Refresher with Mental Health and Self-harm module is open to anyone who has completed the Swim England Safeguarding CPD since 2020.

It is one of three new safeguarding refresher modules that will be released by Swim England in 2023 and gives an overview of what safeguarding and child protection means and how to apply that in the practical situation of a club activity.

Among other key items covered in the 90-minute course are:

  • The latest safeguarding legislation
  • How to recognise types, signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Mental health and self-harm
  • How to react and respond to an individual who has a concern.

More than 8,500 people have completed Swim England’s Child Safeguarding CPD training in the last three years and are eligible to complete the refresher.

Mandatory requirement

Helen Weeks, sport governance and welfare manager at Swim England  said: “Our commitment to this refresher has been in place since the launch of our very own Safeguarding Training CPD in 2020.

“With the recent publication of Heart of Aquatics, our 2023 Safeguarding, Welfare and Culture plan, it was essential we delivered on that commitment and brought this product forward for all aspects of the aquatics community.

“This new Safeguarding Refresher with Mental Health and Safe-harm module is the first step of ensuring everyone remains updated on best practice in safeguarding, welfare and inclusion.

“Further modules will be published later in the year as we aim to provide relevant education to help achieve exemplary standards of safeguarding and welfare within the delivery of all Swim England affiliated club activities.”

Safeguarding is a mandatory requirement for swimming teachers, coaches and club personnel within Swim England affiliated clubs or activities and is an integral part of the Club Affiliation process.

In order to complete the new refresher CPD, all candidates must be 18 years or over and have completed the three hour Swim England Safeguarding CPD within the last three years.

To find out more and book a place on the Swim England Safeguarding Refresher with Mental Health and Self-harm module, please click here.