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A nation swimming

New strategy to get a nation swimming

A new strategy aimed at helping the country become healthy and active through swimming has been launched by Swim England.

Towards a Nation Swimming is Swim England’s four-year strategic plan to get a nation swimming.

Jane Nickerson, who last week was confirmed as Swim England’s CEO, said: “Our vision is a nation swimming and our strategy sets out how we will bring together organisations from across the swimming, health and physical activity sectors to work towards this.

“Leadership and supporting our partners is a key part of our strategy and as such, we have changed from a local delivery organisation to one that is more strategically-focused.

“As well as supporting our members and all those who swim regularly, our role is to share our research and insight and bring new partners together to help make swimming a popular activity in every community.”

The strategy details how Swim England will support its 200,000 members, the 11 million adults who swim each month, and the thousands of young people who take part in weekly swimming lessons, as well as the workforce that teaches and coaches them.

This includes inspiring young people to try swimming, diving, water polo and synchronised swimming, and supporting athletes to reach their potential through well-defined talent pathways.

Towards a Nation Swimming also includes Swim England’s commitment to leading the sector by raising the profile of swimming, and supporting clubs, local authorities and communities to look at innovative ways to ensure everyone has access to appropriate water space.

New name for a forward facing NGB

The publication of Towards a Nation Swimming coincides with the announcement that the Amateur Swimming Association has changed its name to Swim England.

Jane Group of adults enjoy swimming together in a social settingsaid: “We are incredibly proud of our history, which spans almost 150 years. Swim England is clear and simple. It says who we are and what we do and is the perfect name to take us forward as we raise the profile of swimming and get a nation swimming.”

Read Towards a Nation Swimming: a strategic plan for swimming in England 2017-21.