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Swim England launches bespoke Safeguarding in Aquatics course

A new bespoke course which covers the ‘important and unique aspects’ of safeguarding in an aquatic environment has been launched by Swim England.

The three-hour Safeguarding in Aquatics course has been specifically designed to help people understand their role, duty and responsibility in relation to keeping everyone in their organisation safe and protected from harm.

It identifies key legislation and guidance in relation to safeguarding, explains the importance of Swim England’s safeguarding policy and procedures document, Wavepower, and details how to recognise, react, respond and report concerns.

Included on the course is an in-depth look at child protection and, for the first time, adult safeguarding and how to identify the types, signs and symptoms of abuse and harm.

The importance of professional boundaries and positions of trust are also a key topic in the updated course, which has replaced the Swim England Child Safeguarding workshop.

The Safeguarding in Aquatics course is aimed at those working in an aquatic environment in a paid or voluntary capacity who require a DBS check as part of their role. 

This includes coaches, assistant coaches, teachers, assistant teachers, club, county and regional welfare officers, lifeguards, chaperones, team managers, pool and poolside helpers, medical staff, sport psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and tutors to children aged under 18. 

The safeguarding course along with the DBS check must be renewed every three years.

Create a safe, positive culture

Charlotte Colson-Hammond, Swim England’s national safeguarding officer, said: “Everyone who works with our members in our clubs or those learning how to swim has a responsibility for keeping them safe.

“Now we have a specific course which focuses on the important and unique aspects of safeguarding within an aquatic environment.

“No matter what discipline you’re involved in, the course has a consistent message throughout which will help to create a safe and positive culture across all our sports.”

Anyone who is required to complete a safeguarding course for their role will have to take the Swim England Safeguarding in Aquatics course.

Previously, Swim England allowed people to attend approved external courses but these will not be accepted in the future.

Anyone who has taken an approved external course in the past will be required to attend the new Swim England course upon its expiry.

The workshop is delivered by a Swim England tutor and also covers a number of different learning scenarios which may occur in an aquatics environment.

It also references Wavepower throughout.

All those who complete the course will receive a 44-page guidance document which offers a review of the workshop and includes additional information, including key contacts and important links.

To find out more, and book a place on the course, please click here.