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Swim England Activity Packs

Swim England Activity Packs are poolside resources for swimming teachers.

They help teachers keep lessons fun and engaging, whilst ensuring learners continue to build the skills needed to meet the outcomes of the Learn to Swim Awards.

All games and activities are carefully mapped to the Awards of the Learn to Swim Programme Frameworks and include the Core Aquatic Skills and fundamental movement skills needed to make confident and competent swimmers.

The packs are made up of laminated waterproof cards, which are suitable for use on the poolside. Cards can be separated from the pack and shared amongst teachers.

Swim England Pre-School Framework Activity Pack

This pack includes a range of activities which are aimed at babies and children participating in the Pre-School Framework of the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme.

  1. The front of each activity card highlights a relevant song, nursery rhyme or activity, and the Award it is aligned with.
  2. The back includes the Core Aquatic Skills, a summary of the game/song, and the progressions. It also gives guidance on equipment, setup, rules, safety, and tips for effective lesson delivery.

Swim England Learn to Swim Framework Activity Pack

This pack provides ideas for those participating in the Learn to Swim Framework.

This pack aligns with the age and stage of development of the swimmers and encourages their emotional, physical and social development.

  1. The front of each card shows the name of the activity and instructions on how to play. It also identifies the Learn to Swim Stages that the activity aligns with.
  2. The back of the card includes the Core Aquatic Skills, details of equipment needed, teaching tips and points, rules and safety relating to the activity and any adaptations and progressions.

Activities in this pack should suit the needs of all learners in a lesson, ensuring an inclusive and supportive swimming programme.

Many of the activities can be adapted for use with children and adults with additional needs who enjoy learning through gameplay.

๐Ÿ›’ Activity Packs for the Pre-School and Learn to Swim Programme Frameworks can be purchased from the Swim England shop.

๐Ÿ“ง Email [email protected] to enquire about integrating these Activity Packs into your swimming lesson programme.