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Swim England compliant with new Governance Code for Sport

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We are pleased to announce that Swim England is one of 55 national governing bodies that are compliant with the new Code for Sports Governance.

The Code was developed by sport funding bodies Sport England and UK Sport to improve governance structures and ensure greater transparency and diversity in sport.

NGBs that do not comply with the Code will not be eligible to receive public investment.

Swim England CEO Jane Nickerson, said: “The Code for Sports Governance is an important step not just for swimming but for the whole sport sector.

“Swimming is a sport without boundaries which anyone and everyone can enjoy throughout their lives. We are committed to ensuring that everyone feels represented, heard and accepted at all levels within our sports.

“This includes our competitions, our learn to swim and talent programmes, and the facilities in which they are delivered.  As such, we will be working with all stakeholders to promote the highest standards of conduct and behaviour.

“Standards start at the top and as the national governing body for such an inclusive sport, we will ensure that everything we do is as transparent as possible.”

The Code contains important changes to the governance of sport, including:

  • Greater transparency, enabling participants and fans to better understand the decision-making of those leading their sports
  • Reforms to board memberships, including at least 25 per cent independent members
  • Commitments to greater diversity, including at least 30 per cent of each gender on boards
  • Tighter term limits for board members to ensure a regular renewal of ideas and expertise

As part of the work towards becoming more compliant, we have developed a Diversity Action Plan 2017-21, are a proud signatory of the Charter for Action and have taken steps towards becoming an incorporated company with one Board.

The first appointments to this new Board have been made, with three independent directors and two specialist directors to be appointed in the new year.

Directors on the Swim England Board:

  • Mike Farrar, Chairman
  • Brian Havill, Chief Financial Officer
  • Jane Nickerson, Chief Executive Officer
  • Neil Booth, Member Nominated Director
  • David Flack, Member Nominated Director
  • Ian Mackenzie, Member Nominated Director
  • Bernard Simkins, Member Nominated Director
  • Independent Non-Executive Director*
  • Independent Non-Executive Director*
  • Independent Non-Executive Director*
  • Specialist Director*
  • Specialist Director*

For more information about our work to ensure we provide the most transparent and inclusive governance, click here.

*To be appointed in the first quarter of 2018