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Charter for Action

As part of our commitment to equality and diversity, Swim England is proud to join with other leading names in Sport to sign the Charter for Action.

The Charter aims to make sport a welcoming environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

As a signatory, Swim England is committed to the Charter’s 4 principles:

  1. We believe that everyone should be able to participate in and enjoy sport – whoever they are and whatever their background.
  2. We believe that sport is about fairness and equality, respect and dignity. Sport teaches individuals how to strive and succeed, how to cope with success and disappointment and brings together people with a common goal.
  3. We are committed to making these values a reality for lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender people. We will work together and individually to rid sport of homophobia and transphobia.
  4. We will make sort a welcoming place for everyone – for those participating in sport, those attending sporting events and those working or volunteering in sports at any level. We will work with all these groups to ensure they have a voice and to challenge unacceptable behaviour.

Read our Public Commitment Statement.