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How to make swimming part of your New Year's resolutions

The start of a new year can prove a great source of motivation for anyone looking to get back into the pool.

Whether you enjoy swimming as a recreational activity, or plan to take things a little more seriously in 2020, here is a useful guide to turn your new year resolution into a reality.

Getting started

Swim England’s Poolfinder is the perfect tool to get you on your way in 2020.

Finding a centre that is suitable to you is important to lay the foundations for your goals.

Using Poolfinder, you can search for Swim England Learn to Swim Adults sessions, aquatics fitness classes and many more facilities available near you.

If you’re a masters swimmer, you can use Poolfinder to search for a club, or click here if you’re under 18 and looking to join a competitive swimming club.

Training plans

Following a training plan can be the easiest way to motivate yourself for a session in the pool.

The structure helps to develop your skills at a pace that is comfortable for you.

There are many resources available on the Swim England website to add variety to your swim and learn some valuable tips.

Just Swim members have access to multiple training plans – covering every level from beginners to more seasoned swimmers.

You can sign up for free here.

If you’re already a member, you can access some great workouts from Swim England qualified coach Lucy Lloyd-Roach here.


A healthy diet is vital to help boost wellbeing by improving your health.

If you’re new to swimming or are getting back into the water after some time away, it’s important to stay hydrated and enjoy a balanced diet.

If you’re a parent of a young swimmer, we have a few ideas for breakfast and creating a healthy lunchbox when the kids go back to school.

Just Swim members can already view some great healthy recipes.

2020 events

Having a clear goal can add purpose to a training session.

Why not sign up for a competition near you?

Click here to find events of all disciplines across the country.

Good luck with your swimming journey in 2020!