Swimming and Water Safety in Schools

Swimming and water safety is included within the national curriculum. As such, all children should leave primary school able to swim and with knowledge of how to stay safe in and around water.

Monitoring swimming attainment levels

Since 2012 Swim England has conducted annual research on swimming attainment levels of primary school children.

This has helped us to gain an insight into the state of swimming and water safety in schools, and set up programmes to try and improve it.

Current curriculum swimming and water safety statistics

The most recent research into attainment levels was conducted in 2016. This featured two pieces of research, one with primary schools and one with parents.

The key findings showed that 31 per cent of Year 6 pupils leave primary school without the minimum swimming ability and water safety skills. In addition, only 36 per cent of primary schools have seen results in all three areas.

Read the 2016 statistics

Previous research

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