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Free Team Manager 2 courses are 'great opportunity' to build on skills

There is a ‘great opportunity’ for Swim England team managers to build on the skills learned in the previous lockdowns with another free online course.

The workshops aim to further enhance the knowledge gained when completing the Team Manager 1 courses held in 2020 – putting clubs in a better place ahead of events and competitions returning.

The Team Manager 2 courses are appropriate for all those who are working with a team or club in camps and competitions, both domestically and internationally.

They cover all aquatic disciplines and will again be delivered via Zoom.

The requirements in order to take part in the course are:

  • Must hold a Swim England membership
  • Must have an in date DBS check on membership record
  • Must have an approved safeguarding certificate on membership record
  • Must have completed the Team Manager 1 course
  • Must identify as a team manager on the Club Personnel Report
  • Must be 18 or older.

Build on success

Claire Coleman, Swim England Head of Development, said: “We are excited to start running the Team Manager 2 courses and build on from the success of the Team Manager 1 courses.

“This additional training will help to ensure clubs are ready to go once we are back in the water again.

“For those team managers who are wanting to take advantage of this great opportunity but can’t make the current available dates, please make sure that you register your interest.”

A maximum of 25 places are available for each course.

You can pre-register your interest for future dates here.