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‘Working Together’ toolkit a 'valuable asset' to club and operator relationships

A new toolkit has been issued by Swim England which will act as a ‘valuable asset’ to both clubs and operators across the country.

The ‘Working Together’ toolkit has been created in conjunction with a focus group consisting of club and operator representatives and has been driven by the sector as both sides recognised the need to work effectively together.

The toolkit aims to help develop new relationships and build on existing ones between clubs and operators, which are both seen as cornerstones of the aquatics sector.

The content is centred around three key areas and will provide insight into club and operator’s organisations, practical advice on developing partnerships and exploring shared opportunities and useable resources that will assist with the practical elements of developing partnerships.

Alex Hains, head of business engagement at Swim England said: “This practical resource has been designed to help clubs and operators to foster new partnerships, strengthen existing ones, and understand each other’s value within the sector.

“Swim England has worked closely alongside our focus group to ensure that this work leads to even more symbiotic relationships within the aquatics community.”

Greater understanding

The City of Coventry Swimming Club were part of the focus group and a representative said of the project: “Working through the process with the key operators involved, and the steer from Swim England, it soon became apparent that we were embarking on producing a valuable asset for both pool operators and swimming clubs to utilise in the future.

“I certainly have more of an idea of the challenges an operator has and I know the operators in the room understand the challenges we have as clubs.”

Everyone Active, one of the UK’s leading leisure centre operators expressed how this guidance will assist them in communicating with aquatics clubs.

“A successful aquatics club is a key factor in the success of a leisure centre. This guidance document will ensure that both operators and clubs have a greater understanding of the issues faced by each other in making both the facility and the club sustainable.

“The guidance on lane usage and pool time required will ensure that all parties have a framework to follow. As an operator, not all our site general managers have a swimming background and so this guidance will give them greater knowledge and understanding to then have constructive conversations with clubs as required.”

Claire Coleman, head of development at Swim England, added: “The efficacy of working relationships within our sector and across all of our disciplines is paramount.

“Clubs and operators play a vital role in ensuring that facilities can successfully service not just club members, but the local community as well.

“Exploring these partnerships and increasing communication can result in multiple potential benefits for both parties, which is ultimately what this resource aims to facilitate.”

Club and operator relationship manager, Andy Jack, will be delivering support sessions to assist with the implementation of this resource and can be reached at [email protected].