ASA Educator Licences due for renewal

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Time is running out for renew your ASA Educator Licence with the renewal deadline on 1 April 2017.

Please read the revised licensing booklet to ensure you are familiar with this year’s licence requirements and terms and conditions.

Changes to licensing terms and conditions

Licence suspension and revocation takes immediate effect, which means the licence holder is not permitted to deliver any ASA qualifications or certificates until the licence is reinstated.

If a licence holder has their licence suspended (due to expired elements) on three occasions they may incur a suspension for a period of up to two months in duration.

Licensing elements: reminders

It is your responsibility to keep your licence elements in date. However, ASA Workforce Support Services will notify you two months before an element of your licence is due to expire.

This will give you sufficient time to renew and keep your licence valid. These dates will also be included in the letter with your new licence card.

Please ensure that you have these expiry dates in your calendar as a reminder to renew and notify the ASA Workforce Support Services team.

Failure to renew these elements will result in your licence being temporarily suspended until the evidence of renewal has been provided.

Submitting your application


If you would like to pay for your licence via Pay Pal, you will need to complete the online form. Pay Pal payment is not available if you are sending your application via email or post.

This year there has been an increase in small increase in fee. This is due to additional free training opportunities being provided and to reflect the cost of inflation

Insurance cover

Please make sure that you have sufficient insurance cover in place before delivering any ASA courses or seminars.

The ASA accept public/civil liability insurance for licensing requirements however we recommend that you read the small print and make sure you are happy with the level of cover provided by your chosen insurer.

ASA re-branding

As you may be aware, the ASA will be launching their re-brand in April. As a result of this Workforce Support Services will not be sending out licence cards until the launch has commenced.

If you require evidence from us in writing that you are licensed for your approved centre we will be happy to send this via email for you.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will be happy to help you.

Please note that documentation sent in for previous licence renewals does not need to be sent in again unless that element of your licence has expired and you need to re-evidence.


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