Swim England Coaching Certificates and their specifications

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This section provides full specifications of all the Swim England Coaching Certificates. These certificates have been developed to meet the needs of each discipline and the standards required of the respective coaches at a range of operational levels.

Please note that Swim England Workforce Support Services is not a training provider. We do not run courses. The certificates are all delivered by the Institute of Swimming (IoS).

Coaching Swimming

  1. Swim England Swimming Assistant (Coaching) – coming soon
  2. Swim England Swimming Coach – coming soon

Coaching Diving

  1. Swim England Diving Assistant (Coaching)
  2. Swim England Diving Coach
  3. Swim England Senior Diving Coach – coming soon

Coaching Synchronised Swimming

  1. Swim England Synchronised Swimming Assistant (Coaching)
  2. Swim England Synchronised Swimming Coach

Coaching Water Polo

  1. Swim England Water Polo Assistant (Coach)
  2. Swim England Water Polo Coach

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