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Club membership renewal FAQs

We get a lot of frequently asked questions (FAQs) from clubs here at Swim England, so we thought we’d put our popular club membership renewal FAQs together with answers for you.

If you need help with club renewal then see if you can find the answer in our club membership renewal FAQs below. If not call the Membership Services Department on 01509 640727 or email [email protected].

Renewals Fees FAQs

The membership fees for 2024 are: Club Train: £10.35*, Club Compete: £32.70*, Club Support: £6.00*

*Please be aware that the above fees do not include any county or region fee contribution.

Membership fees are broken down into 3 components: Swim England fee, Region fee and County fee. Also some regions and counties will charge a per club fee at renewal time.

Clubs are liable for the fees for members that have your club listed as their longest unbroken membership club.

These fees contribute to the administration of the region and its associated counties, promoting galas and providing subsidised education and training opportunities.

General Renewals FAQs

The Club membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December.

Annual Renewals are due on the 1 January, however we allow until the 28 February for clubs to process and submit their information and make payment.

Clubs who have not submitted or made payment for their annual renewal by the 28 February become suspended from Swim England until such a time as this information has been correctly completed and received by Swim England.

This means that the club will no longer benefit from the insurance cover and its members will not be eligible to take part in forthcoming competitions and events.

In addition, for any club failing to send in its annual return and appropriate fees payment by 28 February an additional fee of 10% of the club’s previous year’s membership fees or £50 (whichever is the greater) will be charged.

Submission, through the Online Membership System (OMS) of the completed renewals batch and payment as indicated on the batch estimate.

Payment can be made by cheque, Payable to Swim England; by electronic transfer, click here for payment details; or debit/credit card by calling Membership Services on 01509 640727.

Payment should be made no later than 28 February. During renewal your batch will not be processed until payment is received.

Payment can be made by cheque payable to Swim England, or Credit/Debit Card by contacting us on 01509 640727. You can also pay by BACs. Details are on the batch submission page on the OMS. Or you can contact us on the number above.

The club will be advised that one or more of the criteria haven't been met. The club will be informed of what needs to be done.

Please note that if the annual renewal criteria (see previous question) is not met this will result in the club’s temporary or permanent suspension from Swim England and a fine of 10% of its previous year’s membership fees or £50 – whichever is the greater.

OMS renewals batch will be available to all clubs to start their annual renewal from 1 January each year.

No, to be able to submit your renewals batch you need to indicate renew or lapse against all your existing members.

As soon as members are added to your renewals batch they are fully insured to train with your club.

If you have new Club Compete members or members upgrading, and they need their membership processing prior to you completing your renewals batch, (to allow them to enter a competition entry online), please make the necessary amendments to OMS and then email us at [email protected] requesting that these members are processed outside of your renewals batch.