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Coaching and Teaching Register

Our Coaching and Teaching Register covers all coaches and teachers operating within our affiliated clubs, regardless of qualification or discipline.

Stage One of the register required affiliated clubs to inform us who their teachers and coaches are via the new ‘Coaching and Teaching’ tab, developed within our Online Membership System (OMS). For guidance on how to add coaches/teachers please refer to the downloads below.

Stage Two (May to end of July 2019) provides coaches and teachers with an opportunity to verify information held by Swim England (i.e. qualification(s), DBS and safeguarding training). Guidance on how to check the information held can be found below, in addition to some useful FAQs.

Benefits of the Coaching and Teaching Register

We are keen to strengthen relationships with our clubs and workforce. The more insight we obtain about those working within our affiliated clubs, the greater opportunity we have of working collaboratively to further support their needs.

The Coaching and Teaching Register was launched for the following purposes:

  • To provide a platform for regular communication with a valuable section of our workforce.
  • To provide clubs with live and accurate information on their member coaches or teachers (i.e. qualifications, safeguarding training, and DBS).
  • An improved service and enhanced support to teachers and coaches, thereby further enhancing the quality of provision across all clubs.
  • Allowing Swim England to demonstrate best practice in terms of recording and quality assuring the workforce

Inputting or updating information on the Coaching and Teaching Register

Any Club Officer who is currently registered on our Online Membership System (OMS), either as the main Online Administrator or as a Deputy Online Administrator, can complete the Register.

Information is input or edited through the ‘Coaching and Teaching’ tab on the OMS.

You can find guidance on how to fill in details of your coaches and teachers using the downloads below.

Teaching and Coaching Register Downloads

Frequently Asked Questions about the Coaching and Teaching Register

Click or tap one of the questions below to view the answer.

What is the cost of the Coaching Register?

There will be no cost, in addition to the Swim England and Institute of Swimming membership fees, to join the register. As set out in Swim England’s Regulations, it is the responsibility of every club to ensure that volunteer coaches and teachers are members of Swim England. Also that paid coaches and teachers are a member of either Swim England, the Institute of Swimming or the BSCA.

If a coach or teacher is a BSCA member but not a member of Swim England or Institute of Swimming, they will need to be added as a member on to the Online Membership System (OMS) as a Category 3 member.

Evidence of BSCA membership (including number) should be submitted to [email protected]. A credit for a Category 3 membership (Swim England fee) will be applied to the club’s account.

How do Swim England obtain the necessary information for the Coaching Register?

A ‘Coaching and Teaching’ tab has been developed within the Online Membership System (OMS) which provides a simple way for clubs to identify and create a list of their teachers and coaches. Clubs will need to specify what role each individual is undertaking and the discipline.

An OMS user guide is available to club administrators in due course to assist with any queries.

Once all coaches and teachers have been added to the coaching/teaching area, club administrators will be able to view information associated with each individual (i.e. qualification, DBS and safeguarding).

Between May and July 2019, coaches and teachers were asked to check all documentation currently held by Swim England, via their individual OMS accounts. This included coaching/teaching qualifications, safeguarding, DBS, role and contact details.

Who can complete the Coaching and Teaching Register?

Any Club Officer who is currently registered on the Online Membership System either as the main Online Administrator or as a Deputy Online Administrator can complete the Register. To assist clubs in completing the Register we have created a new Deputy Online Administrator position who can only be given access to the Coach / Teacher area on OMS.

Clubs can only add their own club members or Institute of Swimming members who have provided their membership details to the club for this purpose. BSCA members will need to be added as a Category 3 member (evidence of BSCA membership to be sent to emma.langham@swimming for a Cat 3 – Swim England fee).

How will SwimMark evidence integrate with the Coaching Register?

We are working ensuring that clubs, coaches and teachers will not have to duplicate workload by uploading information for the Coaching Register and then having to provide the same information for SwimMark evidence purposes.

From 1st October 2019, Swim England will be able to utilise information held on the Register as evidence for Element 13 of the SwimMark criteria.

Please note that the SwimMark Personnel Record i.e. Element 13 will still need to be completed for all remaining workforce roles, e.g. committee members, volunteers etc.

What training and qualifications should a teacher or coach have?

They should have:

  • Appropriate qualifications for the role they are undertaking.
  • A DBS completed in the last three years.
  • Safeguarding training completed in the last three years.
What do coaches/teachers do if information is missing from OMS?
  • Safeguarding: If an individual has already completed approved safeguarding training and it is not listed on their OMS page, please send a copy of the certification or proof of training to [email protected]
  • DBS: If a current DBS is not listed on their OMS page, please contact your club welfare officer.
  • Coaching Qualification: If an individual has previously completed an ASA/Swim England certificate after October 2016, please email [email protected]. If your qualification was achieved before October 2016, please email [email protected]
  • Teaching Qualifications: Contact Swim England Qualifications, via phone on 01509 640493 pr email: [email protected]

Please note – once someone has completed a course, it can take up to eight weeks for the qualification to be certified and uploaded onto his or her Swim England / Institute of Swimming record.

What happens if a coach or teacher does not have the relevant qualifications/training?

Swim England’s intention is that the register is a positive process that does not impinge on the delivery of our aquatic sports whilst ensuring that we all adopt best practice.

With regard to DBS, as a coach/teacher it is essential that they are compliant with Wavepower. If they do not have a current DBS, or their DBS has expired, they should contact their club welfare officer to resolve this.

As stated above, all individuals who are required to have a DBS check for their role must complete approved safeguarding training within six months of the role commencing (a list of approved safeguarding courses will be added to the Swim England website in the near future).

Swim England can now accept a DBS Enhanced Disclosure that has been carried out through another organisation as long as the applicant has registered that Disclosure with the Update Service.

Clubs will need to obtain written consent from the individual and send this to Swim England along with the original copy of their DBS certificate. Consent forms and further information regarding the update service can be obtained from Swim England please email [email protected].

If they do not have the appropriate coaching or teaching qualification/certificate, they should seek to access the relevant training as soon as possible. Clubs should undertake risk assessments to ensure that deliverers are competent and qualified to deliver safe, effective, enjoyable sessions.

Head to our Coaching and Teaching guidance for clubs page for more information.

What do coaches/teachers do if they require a DBS, safeguarding training or need to complete a qualification/certificate?
  • DBS: Initially, individuals should contact their club welfare officer, who will be able to check information required and submit to the Swim England DBS department.
  • Safeguarding: To access training please visit UK Coaching, check your Swim England regional website or visit the Institute of Swimming website.
  • Qualification: For information regarding qualifications, please visit the Institute of Swimming Training Page or Recognised Prior Learning.
Where can guidance be found regarding DBS and safeguarding requirements for club personnel?

Safeguarding is paramount and should be a key part of how community clubs operate.

Guidance can be found on our Child Safeguarding for Clubs page.

For information regarding roles and DBS requirements, please visit Section 2 (pages 41 – 45) of Wavepower. All individuals who are required to have a DBS check for their role must complete approved safeguarding training within three months of the role commencing (if 18 years or above).

For under 18’s Swim England does not make safeguarding training mandatory. However, if individuals wish to then there is some basic awareness training available i.e. via UK Coaching.

Although we do not make it mandatory to have safeguarding training it is important that individuals are aware about what to do if they have a safeguarding concern or if another member discloses information to them.

Please note that a DBS check should be renewed every three years and child safeguarding training should be refreshed every three years unless stated otherwise.

Download our list of approved safeguarding courses to find out more.

Can additional coaches and teachers be added to the Register during the year?

Yes. Clubs can add new, and/or remove, members at any point during the year via the OMS.

What safeguarding training is required for a Masters-only club coach?

Although child safeguarding courses are not applicable to masters/adult only aquatics clubs, it is strongly recommended that individuals attend a safeguarding course related to adults.

Information regarding safeguarding adults training can be found on the Ann Craft Trust website.

Does non-compliance to the Coaching Register affect a club’s insurance?

The requirements of the register mirrors the current expectations of our insurers. Failure to meet these requirements may affect a clubs insurance cover.

Do non-qualified poolside helpers, and aquatic helpers/young volunteers need to be included on the register?

No they do not. The register focuses on capturing the information on those who are coaching or teaching or could be construed as doing so. Poolside helpers, aquatic helpers and aquatic volunteers should always be operating under the supervision of appropriately qualified deliverers.

What about coaches and teachers with international qualifications?

Clubs should still register them in the same way as other teachers and coaches.

Will OMS recognise the dual role as a teacher/coach and competitor?

Yes, it will.